Protocol 1578 is a multiplayer rhythmic versus game inspired by Crypt of the Necrodancer, developed for "Content for games" class in UFN, Santa Maria, Brazil.

Our task was create a prototype game based in some Brazilian historical fact, and using only four colors. The fact I choose is "when Francis Drake and others Corsairs came to Brazil to steal redwood", so I decided to create a game where the Corsairs battle against the Brazilian forces for the wood.

##If you have problems to play with the joystick you can change the inputs, in this case follow this inputs: HorP1 and HorP2 (left, right of the player 1 and 2), VerP1 and VerP2 (Up, down of the player 1 and 2), FireP1 and FireP2 (Shoot of the player 1 and 2), FireEspP1 and FireEspP2 (Special Shoot of the Player 1 and 2). Sorry about this :(


Softwares used:

Engine: Unity

Coding: Visual Studio (C#)

Art: Procreate, Photoshop

Music: Garage Band

Sound Effects: Audacity

Font: Lexia (


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